10 Reasons We Love Aloe Vera


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10. Our Aloe is not tested on animals.

Forever is against animal testing and has committed to not test on animals in any part of our supply chain.

We are proud to be accredited by the Leaping Bunny Program, which certifies that no animal testing has been performed at any stage of product development.

For more information on the Leaping Bunny Program, visit leapingbunny.org.

9. Aloe Vera supports healthy digestion.

Aloe Vera can help you get the most out of the foods you love to eat. It has natural cleansing abilities that help the digestive tract absorb nutrients into the bloodstream, while at the same time supporting friendly bacteria growth.

8. Aloe Vera has rapid soothing power.

One of the most commonly-known uses for Aloe Vera is the relief of sunburns. But, did you know Aloe Vera can also soothe other minor burns, cuts, scrapes and skin irritations?

Try Aloe First® Spray to soothe even sensitive skin.

7. Aloe Vera supports the immune system.

Aloe Vera contains unique polysaccharides and other nutrients that help to modulate and support the immune system.

6. Aloe Vera supports healthy teeth and gums.

We love bright, healthy smiles. Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for the mouth and gums.

A daily serving or two of Forever Aloe Vera Gel® may support healthy oral hygiene. 

Forever Bright® Tooth-gel contains only the highest quality ingredients and including natural peppermint and spearmint flavouring to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

5. Aloe Vera can help combat signs of aging.

Aloe Vera provides building materials to produce and maintain healthy skin and help combat the signs of aging. In addition, the Forever skincare products combine nature and science to maximize these benefits.

The infinite by Forever™ firming serum is a new favourite that contains a high concentration of Aloe and one of skin science’s most exciting breakthroughs that mimic the natural process of skin to improve elasticity.

4. Many of our products are Kosher, Halal and Islamic approved.

We love that our products serve people around the world of all different cultures, so we are proud to offer a selection of products that have been Kosher, Halal and Islamic approved. Kosher products must meet very rigid standards of quality and purity, which is why we are proud that many of our products fall under this category. Halal products must also adhere to rigid standards and quality checks. Forever is proud to display the symbols for these certifications on many of our products.

3. Our Aloe was the first to receive the IASC Seal of Approval for consistency and purity.

The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) was founded in 1981 to ensure that ethical practices are being followed in the Aloe Vera industry. Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel® products were the first to receive the IASC’s Seal of Approval for not only meeting but also exceeding consistency and purity standards.

2. We make quality a priority. 

At Forever, we work very hard to harness the best properties from our Aloe Vera. Once the Aloe arrives at our facilities, it undergoes careful quality control testing. In total, Forever carries out over 1.5 million quality tests per year. That’s equal to one test every twenty seconds!

1. We own the process from start to finish. 

From the fields to the packaging, we handle it all. At our plantations, we treat our 50 million Aloe Vera plants with love. Local farmers carefully nurture the plants and hand-pick mature Aloe leaves. Then, they delicately separate the potent Aloe Vera gel from the leaf within hours of harvest, to ensure we are getting the most nutritious qualities out of the inner gel.

There are so many reasons to love Aloe Vera, from its benefits to its beauty.


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