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The new year is closing in fast, which means you’re probably already thinking about your fitness goals for 2019. You are not the only one, which makes the Clean 9 program a great option for yourself and your Forever business.

If you’re serious about hitting your goals, structure and accountability are going to play a key role in your success. In fact, research shows that people who monitor their progress on a daily basis are far more likely to succeed in their fitness goals. That’s exactly what the Clean 9 program is all about. One box contains everything you need for results you can see and feel in just nine days.

Customize your C9™ experience 

The heart of Clean 9 is a daily intake of aloe vera gel. Now, you and your customers can choose from classic Forever Aloe Vera Gel®, Forever Aloe Peaches® or Forever Aloe Berry Nectar®.

But that’s not the only way to make C9™ your own. The program includes a diverse listing of free foods and 600 calorie recipes. And you get to choose when to eat your 600 calorie meals. If you want to have a meal for lunch and a Forever Lite Ultra® shake for dinner, go for it. If you’d rather have the shake for lunch and a meal for dinner, that’s an option too.

Share your experience with others 

Start by completing the program for yourself. If you stick with it for a full nine days, you’ll see and feel the results.

Your own success and experience are the best tools you can use to get others excited about C9™. Challenge your friends and downline and keep them motivated and connected with the F.I.T. app. The app plays an important role to help keep people engaged and accountable.

Get your team motivated for a January 1st start! 

Hit the reset button for 2019. Create a challenge and start building a team to take part in the New Year. You’ll help others look better and feel better while building your business. Talk about a win-win!

Sticking with the program for the full nine days won’t be effortless, but it will feel much easier when you have others cheering you on and you cheering them on in return. Now’s the time to start getting people excited about joining you on the C9™ program. Get the word out!

What makes C9™ different? 

Clean 9 is a groundbreaking combination of Forever’s popular weight management supplements, shake mixes and, of course, aloe vera gel drinks. Every box contains:

Your choice of Forever Aloe Vera Gel®, Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® or Forever Aloe Peaches® Your choice of Forever Lite Ultra® chocolate or vanilla Forever Garcinia Plus® Forever fiber® Forever Therm® Tape Measure®

You’ll also get step-by-step instructions combined with helpful pointers and dozens of great shake and meal recipes. Place your order today to build the buzz and get your team excited about getting 2019 off on the right foot with Clean 9.

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